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academic work

3d related

Mixed reality games on rope course

a team of 6 people

Based on Unity

My role:  producer, character artist



4 month


VR interactive Movie

core team is of 5 people

Based on MAYA,blender,UE

My role:  Character Artist,

VR Developer, Rigging TA, Animator

1 year

short film

a team of 5 people

Based on MAYA

My role:  storyboard artist Animator, Post-production artist

6 month


team of 5 people

based on Unity

My role: environment artist

2 weeks

5 days

short film

team of 3 people

based on Unreal Engine

My role: director,

Lighting designer,

Map designer

2d related



team of 6 people

based on Unity

My role: Game artist, producer

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