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Song of the Stars

This story is about the little girl looking for the sheep stolen by the night


Group work   Platform: maya

My role:  storyboard artist,texture designer,Animator,Post-production artist

Story Design

1, The little girl and the lamb have a perfect relationship and usually accompany each other.
2, The darkness stole the little girl's sheep.
3, The girl wakes up and finds that the lamb is missing.

The forest is very dark, and the girl is scared but still decides to look for her sheep.

4, The little girl searched for a long time in the bushes and kept calling out to her sheep,

but there was no reply
5, The little girl was scared away by the giant spider that suddenly fell down
6, While running, she found the star road and followed it to find the sheep.
7, The little girl was distraught when she discovered that the lamb had turned black.

She patted the lamb, and the star fell out of the lamb.
8, The stars gradually flew to the sky to light up the surrounding.

Although very worried, the little girl still accepted the lamb, and they happily walked far away.





I first took the reference of the animation according to the storyboard, and then mobilized the drawing according to the reference

(I could only take the reference video in the street because of the epidemic and the size of my residence))

post- processing

After exporting exr from maya, we mainly use Nuke's color correct, grade, blur, ZDefocus, hsv glow, Hue correct nodes for layering post-toning and effects production

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