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A device to assist elderly people living alone to seek medical treatment in china


It all started when my mother asked me to accompany my grandpa to the hospital

I founded out that....

1,many old man didn't know how to use the booking app

4,old people are not very good with payment machines

2,many old men couldn't hear the voice calling them.

3,Because the elderly didn't know when the report would come out.

they could only try the reporting machine over and over again

5,old men were confused by the pile of bills and tests on her hands


Based on our interviews and questionnaires, we have compiled...



How might we
optimize medical treatment process for elder people ,

So that
the elderly can enjoy the offline medical treatment by themselves ?


For the elderly

Navigation button

help button

Audio equipment


For medical and nursing staff

When the elderly person presses the HELP button,

the health care provider can see the location of the elderly person in the form of a map.

The voice recording is saved.

The health care provider is able to see the situation related to each patient.

 The health care provider can see the status of previous clients.


user journey map

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story board

In the beginning, when the health care worker sees the old man coming alone to the clinic, he asks him about the situation, gives him the embraging, and informs the old man what the button does.

The machine then tells the old man what direction to go, how many people are still in the current line, the precautions mentioned by the doctor, and the following tasks to be accomplished.

When the old man is in trouble, he presses the help button, and the other end of the phone is connected to an assisted person to help.

When leaving the hospital, the elderly person returns the machine at the main entrance and is given a document and the relevant medical advice

Service blueprint

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