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A castle from the past

Group work   my role: 3d artist(environment props&lighting)

Under the guidance of the ancient book, Kong completes the mission of planting the Tree of Life with the knights of thousands of years ago.



background story

Guided by the ancient book, Kong arrives at this old castle and accidentally discovers the mysterious altar and the ability to communicate with a knight from thousands of years ago and decides to enter this place with him to complete the mission of planting the Tree of Life.


This is a puzzle game. Players move by WASD, interact by X, switch holding items by mouse click, pick up by F, throw out by T, and switch by TAB time and space.

environment design
level 1

The first level requires Kong to use the magic book to activate the altar of teleportal objects. Then the key in the book will be teleported to the knight.

The planner first gave me the level requirements map. Then I used BLENDER to make the model and finish making the UV map, then I used Substance Painter to make the texture

level1 (knight&kong)

environment design

The second level, the knight has to use the magic book to activate the altar first. Xiaogang get the token by digging the ground with a shovel, then teleport the token to the knight. Knight through the token to get the magnetic gloves, push open the middle of the blue barricade, go downstairs to take out the key from the box, the box password is related to  the number of pumpkins, cabinets,andskulls.

level2 room ( kong)

level2 room(knight)

level2 room(knight)

environment design

In the third level, the stairs of Kong's scene are good, but the stairs of the knight's scene are destroyed. Xiaogang needs to activate the Tree of Life by burying the seeds in the soil. Then the knight jumped upstairs through the growing tree to get the key and teleport to Xiaogang

level3 room(kong)

level3 room(knight)

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