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mosquito killing war

It's a 72-hour game jam hosted by g-bits

my role: game artist,producer


background story

On a midsummer night in the dormitory, two sleepy-eyed girls who can not stand mosquito bites pick up a high-powered electric mosquito swatter. Their anger seems to make the hands of the "weapon" produce a magical effect: when they are close to each other, the two electric mosquito swatter between and form a flash of lightning. Play with your friends as the angry girls, with lightning to destroy all the annoying mosquitoes!


1,Local two people play, players each control an electric mosquito racket.
2,When the two electric mosquito rackets in a moderate distance, the two electric mosquito racket between the line will form a current, electrocuting the mosquitoes in contact. if the players are at a very close distance, they will be bounced off because of repulsive force.

character design

This is our characters, Gigi and Niki, and they are wearing pajamas. They are very unhappy because of the mosquitoes.
Gigi is mainly blue, a more introverted girl who likes to read books and prepares for exams until late the night before.
Niki is mainly pink, and she is a party girl. She broke up with her boyfriend the night before, crying until very late. It was difficult to fall asleep, so she was outraged when the mosquitoes woke her up.
When designing the character, I paid attention to the color match as far as possible to distinguish the two.



This is a mosquito, it will sometimes bite you, they help players to familiarize with the game in the first level
Their reference is the Culex mosquito, which is the most common mosquito at home

This is the elite mosquito. Once it catches you, it will attach itself and keep biting you.
Their reference is the Anopheles mosquito, also a typical mosquito

This is the boss mosquito, it not only has a very thick blood, but also has a very high attack power, and can bite you remotely and continuously
Their reference is Asian tiger stripes, if bitten by this mosquito will be painful and itchy

environment design




Props design


A battery can help the connection between GIGI and NIKI maintain a longer distance.battery maintains 7 seconds, during which the electric mosquito swatter in the hands of the two will change from yellow light to blue light


Spikes help NIKI and GIGI walking more stable on the slippery ground, the offset will be smaller, we design the smooth ground effect when referring to the Overcooked.

When spiked shoes and hot wheels used together, players can walk fast and steady



Hot wheels can help players get faster, but of course sometimes faster is not always a good thing, especially on slippery ground. But with spiked shoes, everything will be different.

UI design

main menu

Our main menu consists of 3 sections. Click start to enter our level mode. There are three levels in total.

The following is endless, that is, infinite mode You can keep going to challenge higher scores.

We have created local rankings for this purpose

developer includes our member list.

chose your level

After you click start,you will see 3 levels in total.Each level has a limited number of enemies and progressively,Introducing the content of our games

This is our game page settings, the upper left corner of the pause and HOME button, the following is the props picked up by the player, props will show the remaining time

ranking list

This is the local ranking list.

 We can see the names of the top 5 teams and their scores.


This is the page that players will see after passing this level, in this page, GIGI and NIKI with a bag of mosquitoes ready to sleep in peace


This is the page that the player will see after not passing this level. In this page, GIGI and Niki were bitten by mosquitoes many times

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